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Brow Design

Brow design is a very personal thing, each look created by our expert therapists is done with precision and care so you leave our space feeling confident and happy. Our brow design menu is comprehensive including brow mapping, hybrid dye, tinting, lamination, threading and waxing. We are only too happy to suggest the best option for you.

brow mapping


Brow mapping is a shaping technique that uses a ratio for facial proportions to help achieve symmetry and sculpt the most flattering shape for your brows. Your brow specialist will take measurements and make marks on the skin to map your perfect shape, your brows are then shaped with wax and tinted with either standard or hybrid dye, using these symmetrical mapping guidelines taking your brow shape to new levels of perfection!

Brow Lamination


Includes tint and shape
Tame unruly brows. Brow Lamination creates a full fluffy brow look that lasts 6-8 weeks.

Hybrid Dye


Long lasting colour, skin stain and defined brows.

Tint + Shape $45



Tint + Shape $42



Using a brow specific wax. Gentle on the skin for a smooth sleek finish.

Brow Threading


Great for those who can’t wax. Provides a defined brow every time.

Thread + Tint $45

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