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Beauty salon treatments Newcastle


Do you want the best skin ever?
With COSMEDIX, we create real skin change by combining science with pure botanical ingredients. Our gentle and effective formulas give you transformative results without irritation.


60MIN / $130

Smooths, hydrates, firms and protects.

A signature treatment to target ageing concerns. Supporting the prevention of free radical damage, promoting collagen production, line smoothing and skin brightening. This luxurious treatment will leave you feeling rejuvenated and calmed, includes hand, arm and scalp massage.


1HR 15MIN / $155

The ultimate formula for flawless, faultless and radiant skin!

Give your skin the ultimate boost with this multi-level treatment. This treatment delivers a boost of oxygen directly into the skin, increasing circulation delivering nutrition into the skin. Ensuring increased hydration, protective and rejuvenating properties, anti ageing benefits, lightening brightening effects and overall smoother, softer skin. The Rolls Royce of ‘anti ageing facial indulgence’



45MIN / $105

Purify, Decongest, Calm

Refreshing and deep cleansing this solution-specific facial leaves the skin feeling calm, refined and radiant. Ideal for combination, oily and problematic skin types. This Medi facial helps to mattify, minimise pore size and calm the skin.


30MIN / $110

Using some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants — including Pomegranate and Red Wine Resveratrol — this gentle Lactic Acid exfoliating treatment clarifies and corrects superficial skin concerns even for the most sensitive skin types.


30MIN / $110

This facial treatment features Lactic and Glucuronic Acids, combined with Blueberry Extract and Jojoba Beads, to gently exfoliate the skin and clear away the look of imperfections to reveal a youthful healthy glow without irritation.


30MIN / $130

Manage the visible signs of ageing with a blend of potent peptide and stem cell technology to reveal smoother younger skin. This peel exfoliates for smooth skin texture, infuses retinol for renewal and balances moisture levels to protect the skin from future damage.


30MIN / $135

This treatment combines active microencapsulated Retinol Complex with antioxidants to resurface. A must have treatment for even the most sensitive skin.


30MIN / $165

Featuring the highest concentration of our exclusive microencapsulated Retinol Complex and Hydroxy Acids, this medium-depth peel dramatically reduces signs of ageing and pigmentation for truly timeless results. Celebrity A-listers flock to this treatment to curb the ageing process.


30MIN / $120

This multi-tasking exfoliating and clarifying treatment that gently helps clarify the appearance of skin by lifting away pore-clogging impurities and encouraging healthy skin renewal for a softer more radiant looking complexion. Contains: Lactic acid, salicylic acid, bakuchoil and Granactive Retinoid.


1HR / $195

DermaFrac™ is a unique micro needling system combined with Microdermabrasion. DermaFrac creates precisely calibrated micro-channels into the skin while simultaneously infusing an active topical serum. The result is a skin rejuvenation procedure that has no bleeding and typically no pain while enabling enhanced infusion of the topically applied serum. This treatment incorporates Microdermabrasion as an exfoliation prep for the skin prior to the micro needling infusion and is completed with a mask along with a hand and arm massage. Some mild redness may occur, but typically DermaFrac is a no down-time procedure.


50 MIN / $330

A non-acid marine based peel that combines natural sea herbs and essential oils. This potent “herbal” peel is massaged into the skin to manually exfoliate and is so incredibly effective due to the chemical reaction that occurs from this technique. It initiates a cascade of cellular processes via the deep delivery of minerals and vitamins from the sea herbs into the skin. It serves too condition and improve skin health including the stimulation of collagen and elastin. The powerful resurfacing effect on the skin aims to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, lift away stubborn hyperpigmentation and soften the look of blemishes and pitted scarring. Not suitable for sensitive skins.


50 MIN / $280

A milder version of the standard Deep Sea Peel that is ideal for finer skin types or a pre-treatment for skins prior to a standard Deep Sea Peel. The Mini Deep Sea Peel, also a potent “herbal” non-acid plant based peel initiates a cascade of cellular processes stimulating the skin for cell turnover to assist with superficial fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and scaring. This peel will increase the skins natural moisturising factors and will result in minimal dryness and flaking. Skin will feel smoother and more even.


30 MIN / $110

Our Pumpkin Pulp Resurfacer is designed to meet the needs of those with acne concerns and enlarged pores. The antibacterial effect of Salicylic Acid helps to prevent and treat acne for those prone to breakouts or experiencing perimenopause. Coupled with Lactic Acid, this treatment not only relieves post-redness hyperpigmentation, but also improves skin’s tone and texture.


45 MIN / $110

This intense facial treatment harnesses the powerful effects of delivering a boost of oxygen directly into the skin. Targeting problem skin killing bacteria the Oxygen Facial helps lighten pigmentation, soothes sensitivity and increases circulation resulting in clean fresh revitalised skin.



The newest treatment for skin rejuvenation utilises a surgical blade to remove the outer most layers of the epidermis along with Vellus hair. Resulting in a smoother appearance and allowing better penetration of cosmeceutical products. Targeting congestion, milia, hyperpigmention, thickened sun damaged skins. Epidermal levelling results in glowing, firm, smooth clear skin. Combined with an Oxygenating treatment mask, this facial is the ultimate for fresh skin.


60 MIN / $125

Using the latest in skin care technology, our newest Microdermabrasion device uses the process of mechanical exfoliation designed to remove the superficial layers of the epidermis via an abrasive action. This process not only provides a natural chemical free treatment, but it also leaves skin looking healthier and deeply hydrated. Treating fine lines and wrinkles, improving blood circulation, stimulating greater collagen production, improving skin tone, acne, blackheads and post acne scarring. This treatment also includes our oxygen mask for an added skin brightening boost.

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