6 Delicate Steps On How to Use Dazzle Dry

Our new dazzle dry, which is the new nail polish that we are now using and dazzle dry is a healthy natural nail polish, so it contains very minimal nasties and is super fast drying and long-wearing it is recommended with dazzle dry to use the four steps system as followed by a top coat, and also you refresh your nail polish because it is a natural formula of nail polish. Get a little bit clunky so therefore the revive is used. Just testing in that polish back out. Contact us to buy in-store!

So if you would like to have a nice gel look to your nails following the base coat another product to transform. The natural nail plays a beautiful rounded shape and then you go to follow with your colour today.

I have shown then figure, which is there beautiful khaki green colour to give you the high gloss, so I’m going to paint on my own because I don’t have a model with me today because as much liquid as what a cotton discord. So the product will last longer.



Just a nice rub over the nail plate with the nail prep. And then we will start with a bank code the base coat bottle has a black brush and that helps to remind you that the bh4 base coat has the black nice even strokes making sure you cover over the free edge of the nail, and that will help with more longer where to your nail polish, as it will steal in the I’m just going to do one coat of face because I’m going to use the Transformer because I do quite like that look on my nails done now when the bank code is dry. Contact us to buy in-store!


Air Dries in 5 Minutes” NO UV”. Pop your shoes on & hands straight into your bag!!! The perfect at home mani or take your own hygienic products to your local salon. Removes like regular polish.


That’s when you can apply to transform and the way you know, it’s dry in a parent. So very fast. Drying and I am ready to pretty much follow straight away with my transform. Hey…don’t want the code of Transport just going to let that dry for a moment or that you can I think I’ll follow straight on with my colour.

The System of Dazzle Dry

Dazzle Dry – The System

That’s a great range of shades to with the dazzle dry so I need to choose from. Never too much about your first code if it looks a bit streaky that can often be very normal colours are a little bit with only one coat. Stop code to finish the map of the game. Dazzle dry done.

“One of my favourite vegan formulas that dries in just five minutes. It is also non-toxic and hypoallergenic, thus making it ideal for those with sensitive skin/nail beds.”

Kourtney Kardashian via. Poosh




Polish not included

Step 1.

NAIL PREP: A vitamin pill for the natural nail.

Cleans the nail plate while providing beneficial moisture, calcium, vitamin B5, & hydrolyzed protein. Promotes longer-lasting manicures with the perfect nail canvas.


Step 2.



Step 3.



Step 4.





A few drops will restore Polish & Top Coat when they become thick from the natural evaporation of solvents.


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