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Self Tanning also known as Fake Tan has come a long way over the years, purely you can prevent and protect your skin from sunburn and get the best fake tan suited to your complexion, so you can hit the beach with a glowing tan.

These products are all aimed at you if you’re a newbie to fake tan or if you have been applicating these tanners for years.

Best Fake Tan In Australia

We have the Best Fake Tanners In Australia starting with the popular and effective Eco Tan face Water, Loving Tan with their number 1 best seller Loving Tan Ultra Dark available right here at Indulgences Skin Health. AfterPay and ZipPay are Available with our sendle shipping.

Our Selection for the 3 best fake tanning solutions in Australia


The most beautiful skin in the world is now at your fingertips with Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist. This organic face tan not only gives you that perfect summer glow but also restores moisture and revitalises cells due to its ingredients sourced from Tasmania’s purest water! Apply this self tan lovingly across your face with ease.


Want to know the best way for a natural, gradual tan? Look no further than our Three Warriors Gradual Tan. It’s designed with hydration in mind and will leave your skin feeling nourished from within while giving you that year-round glow everyone wants! Unlike other fake tans which have strong smells or contain harmful ingredients such as parabens and alcohols (not cool), this moisturizer has a soothing lime fragrance paired perfectly against vanilla bean scenting properties making it not only smell amazing but also effective at what he does – preparing your body before going into summer heatwaves without sacrificing its health benefits.


Three Warriors have created a self-tan mousse that is easy to apply, quick-drying and delivers instant natural-looking colour. With three different sprays available – one for intense bronze colour; another which leaves the skin delicately scented with lime oil & vanilla fruit extract or finally if you’re after an all-over tan then simply use their Zero BronzerMist! It will give your body long-lasting results without any orange tones at the switch-off time as well due to its lacklustre ingredients list making sure it fades evenly leaving behind no telltale signs someone else has been wearing this product before them.

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