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Maddi's Self Care Tips
Hello everyone!
How are you all doing? Times are a challenge at the moment with the current situation. You are probably feeling stressed, unsure & you may be, like me, eating a lot more than usual! You might be homeschooling, or hopefully you’re finding the time to sit, reflect & enjoy quality time with your loved ones or just yourself. Did you know stress, diet & lifestyle can have a huge impact on your skin & body in general? And with beauty salons currently closed I bet you’re freaking out about what to do? Maybe you have it under control? I have had to adjust my routine but I’ve found a few tips & tricks to help keep my skin & body healthy & I want to share them with you.

1. Schedule a time of the day one day a week

(or more if you can) & give yourself a facial. For me, it’s at night when I put my kids to bed. I really take my time & I choose the nights I exfoliate plus I add a mask. Run yourself a bath or pour yourself a glass of bubble while you have your mask on. If you have quite dry skin there are some masks from our ranges that you can actually massage in & leave on overnight. Try Vanilla & Honey Mask by Skin Juice or Bio Shape by Cosmedix.

2. If you normally use a granular exfoliant try an enzymatic or aha based one.

These are the closest you can get to a peel, for all you peel loving clients. I love Skin Juice’s Facial in a Jar & it is basically the same as their pumpkin peel treatment. Cosmedix also have a beautiful cranberry enzyme & lactic acid based exfoliating mask which is used in some of our Cosmedix treatments.

3. Invest in some serums if you haven’t already.

They’re going to really make a difference to your skin. Being unable to get in for your favourite treatments means it is the perfect time to take your skin to the next level. Unless you’re one of our hardcore skin junkies! Have you seen Michelle’s videos? She discusses them all. I highly recommend getting onto A, B & C serums.

4. Treat your skin to a body oil.

I absolutely love the Skin Juice’s Juice Drops or Berry Body Oil. Both beautiful scents. The Juice Drops in particular is an ultra nourishing oil & has anti ageing benefits. Take the time to give the body an exfoliation & massage the oil in. Berry Buff is a beautiful body exfoliant & I guarantee you’ll have baby soft skin afterwards.

5. Give yourself a tan, but not from the sun!

Eco tan

A tan always makes you feel better don’t you agree? I love the Eco Tan range. They have options for everyone whether you like a mousse or would prefer a subtle gradual tan. Check them out!

6. Don’t forget about the hands & feet!

You can pedi paddle your feet & soak them in some nourishing cream. Did you know you can used Skin Juice’s Perfect Paws on the feet as well as the hands? I love Superfruit as well. It’s like a body butter & is so aromatic. If you’re worried about callus’ I’d recommend Tough Buff which is like a foot serum containing acids that helps to gently exfoliate dead skin away. Check out our foot pack online. Massage some Nail Nectar into your nails daily & don’t forget to pop on some colour, it cheers anyone up. Our OPI Infinite Shine range has awesome staying power & there are some beautiful colours. I also use their Nail Envy as my base coat because my nails can be quite fragile & it has really helped them become stronger. If you have children, do mini mani’s & pedi’s together. Everyone will be happy!

7. Get longer, fuller lashes & brows without extensions.

EyeNvy is a fantastic eyelash & brow serum. If you haven’t seen my video on our social media, take a look. I explain everything!

8. Be beautiful inside as well as on the outside.

with Imbibe’s Beauty Renewal & Miracle Collagen. The probiotic Beauty Renewal features bio-fermented coconut water & pomegranate to provide a healthy gut & give you glowing skin. Six billion probiotics are in each serving! Did I mention it’s delicious too! Miracle Collagen is an odourless & tasteless powder that can be added into your favourite drink or sprinkled it over your favourite breakfast cereal. It’s bio active collagen peptides promote strong, healthy hair & nails & plump & radiant skin. I noticed a big difference in my hair & nails when I started using both immediately. My hair has become thicker & has grown so fast & my nails are a lot more stronger. My skin looks more hydrated & is a lot clearer, not to mention I don’t experience as much bloating as I usually do. We have Collagen Powder available over at out online store.

9. Get out & exercise!

We know it releases endorphins & we need some of them right now. I know I feel a lot better when I’ve gone for a run or done a workout. Buy yourself some new active wear to motivate yourself. Don’t forget you SPF! Have you tried our Aspect range?

10. Try some yoga & meditation.

dane wetton t1NEMSm1rgI unsplash

My daughter’s teacher includes kids yoga & mindfulness in her classes so it has been a lot of fun doing them together at home. It really does help to calm & clear the mind.

11. I love nothing more than a clean & tidy house

& one thing I love is burning a candle at the end to really give my house that finishing touch. Why not burn it everyday though? I love Maison Blanche’s Cucumber & Mint, so fresh!

12. I hope you haven’t over plucked your brows!

See Michelle’s video on our social media & check out our fabulous brow range online if you need some enhancements.

13. Did you know Skin Juice do a hair & scalp treatment?

Coconut Juice Splash is a nourishing oil treatment for the hair & scalp. It smells divine! Why not give your hair a little treat?!

So, there’s a few things I’ve been doing that are helping me through these interesting times. Don’t forget Indulgences are always here to help you with your skin concerns & needs. Let’s get through this together!
Until next time,

3 simple steps to creating full, tidy brows at home.

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