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COSMEDIX Elite products feature higher-level active ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy without a prescription.

These products are only sold at select physician and spa locations.

Cosmedix Elite is anti-aging skincare at its best. This skincare line has been designed for the more discerning middle-aged woman concerned about premature ageing or simply ageing gracefully with healthier skin.

The CosMedix Elite developers believe in advanced skincare. They aren’t held in the past, depending on useless science to produce their products. Alternatively, they trust and strategise on the most developed scientific evidence to support their customers in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and promote plump, healthy, radiant skin.

A favourite among customers is the eye serum, which contains Vitamin A. This, combined with other antioxidants, means improved blood flow, improved hydration and plumpness and certainly enhanced luminosity.
Their CosMedix Elite Gentle Clean cleanser is unique for mature skin that always feels dry and tight. It contains healing lactic acid to heal cell walls which ensure better moisture retention.

Buy CosMedix Elite online from Indulgences Skin Helth using AfterPay ZipPay and PayPal for your convenience.

These marvellous CosMedix Elite products are designed to treat the early signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. If you want to do what you can now in order to avoid aged skin, later on, try out our line!

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