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LUK is Beautiful

LUK Beautifood is built on harnessing the beauty of food. Shop 100% Natural, toxin free lipstick made in Australia.

LUK Beautifood believes that nourishing your whole body with healthy food is central to cultivating your natural beauty; what you put on your body should be as nutritious and safe as what you eat.

You buy whole food and organic produce, avoid gluten and additives (E numbers) like the plague yet still apply beauty products filled with synthetics and potential toxins.


Luk Beautifood

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Beautiful anti properties

Food contains active nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatory that are essential for our skin, body and mind to operate at optimum levels. LUK Beautifood knows how eating healthy food and feeling good on the inside shows on the outside. See our Eating for Beauty Guide

So, LUK take this knowledge and apply our expertise in food + nutrition to create simple, beautiful, multipurpose beauty products from active foods without using synthetic or toxic ingredients to nourish your skin from the outside in.

There’s Nothing More Delicious Than Natural Beauty

It is LUK Beautifood’s mission to give every woman the opportunity to cultivate her natural beauty without compromising her health and wellbeing with outdated chemically formulated cosmetics and time consuming beauty practices.

Our philosophy is to highlight not hide your natural beauty. Our look is about a healthy naked glow – beautiful subtle illumination that takes you from home to on-the-go. See Beauty Tutorial: How to get the Healthy Naked Glow

We want to feed your inner confidence and give you that super attractive ‘sparkle’, a fresh faced look so many of us crave.

The world of beauty does not have to be about high gloss and celebrities or taking hours to apply makeup every time you leave the house, this is the delicious new era of beauty that allows you to feel and look good knowing you are applying products that heal and don’t hide and harm your beautiful self without sacrificing your love of stylish and beautiful things and respect for the environment.

At Luk beautifood we inspire and educate you to be your true radiant self.


Stress is Detrimental to how Beautiful you Look and Feel

With the stresses of modern living, your body is put to the test at every waking moment.

Using synthetic beauty preparations, eating highly refined foods or over exposing yourself to environmental, physical or emotional stresses results in a build up of toxins.

Over time it shortens the supply of nutrients for what your body considers are your non essential bits – your skin, hair and nails. Learn more with our Skin 101 Guides

Our body’s response mechanism to stress is to create hormones – adrenalin or cortisol that since the dark ages pop your body into a state of fight or flight.

Clear glowing skin and shiny hair is clearly not essential for survival when your body thinks you are avoiding attack or are in a state of famine!

This in turn, leads to detrimental effects on your body such as premature aging, altered mood and lower self worth.

That’s why we have a holistic approach to beauty. We make and sell clean makeup made from active foods packed with antioxidants to fight these free radicals and inflammation.

This inflammation can cause your skin to form lines, loose its firmness, discolour, break out or have disorders including eczema, psoriasis, redness and allergies and we provide recipes and information on eating for beauty and how to live a healthier, more vital life.

Not only do our products provide your body with a daily dose of essential skin food nutrients you can feel good knowing you are supporting your body’s natural processes without the use of hazardous ingredients.

We Are Shaping The Future of Beauty

Truth in beauty product labelling is paramount for your health, community and planet – that is why we created our 3 pillars, they give you the real picture.


Our products are made with a potent mix of active foods that feed your skin with nutrients, hydration and protective antioxidants + anti-inflammatories while actively contributing to your health and wellbeing.

Whole nuts, seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables contain an intrinsic and synergistic mix of essential macro and micro nutrients including antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients; the right active foods are, in a nutshell, the perfect skinfood. See Beauty Food Glossary


We don’t use toxic ingredients that are known endocrine disruptors, carcinogenic or linked to cancer* including preservatives, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic colours and fragrance.  See How to Detox Your Beauty Routine


we don’t use synthetic ingredients.

At Luk beautifood we make every effort we can to ensure our products leave the smallest footprint possible. Our products are not tested on animals and are proudly made in Australia following under TQM + HACCP systems.

lük products are modern, multi-purpose and multi-sensory to create a super-nourishing, guilt-free and joyful experience every time.

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