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Maison Blanche: Candles & fragrance est 2013

Maison Blanche are a fantastic company coming out of Sydney Australia and featuring in homes all over the world. At Indulgences we are proud stockists of this amazing brands home fragrance range.

Luxury Craftsmanship

The Maison Blanche objective has always been to formulate natural home fragrance of the finest quality. Maison Blanche candles and products made have been carefully designed and made by hand in Sydney, Australia. Using the highest quality plant-based ingredients in all their candles and products.

Maison fragrances for each and every product and candle is what defines them from the rest and is the very heart of the Maison Blanche experience.

I love the scents of these candles, I have tried many in my household but these Maison Blanche candles are my go to every time.

Maison Blanche’s fragrances are a blend of high quality;

  • essential and natural oils
  • sophisticated perfumes
  • fragrance is a unique expression of identity
  • thoughtful and quality products
  • each element is carefully considered
  • great design of the candles and products
  • proudly Plant-based soy and Vegan
  • Environmentally friendly

Thoughtful Design

Timeless design and minimalism are integral to the Maison Blanche identity. Our attention to the smallest details and the elimination of the unnecessary makes way for only the most thoughtful and quality products. We unequivocally believe that great design improves our lives.

Every element of our products is carefully considered to ensure that natural resources are utilised to their full potential and that environmental cost is low. Our commitment to sustainability extends not just to the design of our products, but to every aspect of Maison Blanche. From conception to conclusion we generate as minimal of an impact on the environment as we can.

We are a proud vegan business.


The Beginning

In 2012, Creative director and founder Kristy Payne, began her journey as a Maison Blanche candle connoisseur when she went on a quest to find the perfect Vanilla Bean candle. After being unable to find one she loved, she decided to pour her own and that is when her passion for creating soy candles began.

After experimenting with different fragrance blends, Kristy launched Maison Blanche with 8 soy candles and promptly filled the gap in the Australian market for well designed natural candles. Her appreciation of negative space, monochromatic design and unique fragrance are evident in Maison Blanche as she continues to evolve and grow the brand.



All Maison Blanche products are made in Sydney, Australia.

Our products are not tested on animals, are free from Parabens, PEGS and contain no animal by-products and therefore vegan friendly.

A candlewick requires trimming between burns or if the candle has been burning continuously for two or more hours. The wicks should be trimmed to about 5mm from the wax, only then will the candle stop emitting carbon – the black residue. If there is black residue on the glass of your candle jar, use a dry piece of paper towel and wipe clean

We ask that you stop burning your candle at the 1cm wax mark as there may not be enough wax left in the candle to absorb the heat of the flame, which can lead the glass to become very hot.

If your candle is not burning properly, the most common causes are trimming wicks too short (less than 5mm), wicks moving off centre and short burn cycles (under an hour).

Candle glass may crack due to an array of reasons. The most common cause of glass cracking is if there wasn’t enough wax left to absorb the heat of the flame, making the glass very hot, which can cause the glass to crack after an extended period.

To prevent this we recommend you stop burning when there is 1cm of unmelted wax remaining in the candle. In other cases, cracking may happen when the wicks travel and come in contact with the glass. This can happen if the candle has been burning longer than the recommended burning time, as the wax pool increases and the wicks become less stable and the flame moves towards the glass.

Yes, our glass jars are 100% recyclable, however many of our customers love to reuse their jars for other things like vases or storing cotton buds, makeup brushes or spices. Simply wipe out with a dry paper towel while the wax is still warm (or soak it in hot water) and then hand wash it as you would any glass, with soap and water. Please be mindful not to use anything abrasive on the glass, as the paint can scratch.

The reason for this may be that the size of the candle is not large enough for the room it is placed in and the fragrance is being spread thinly through the room. To test this we recommend you moving the candle to a smaller room, like a bathroom, and closing the door.

At Maison Blanche, we use a mixture of natural essential oils and fragrances oils, which like for many of the world’s leading fragrance brands, is necessary to create unique and well performing home fragrance products.

The synthesised fragrance oils we use are produced in an Australian lab and are chemically identical to naturally existing fragrance oils. We believe that this is a better way to use particular fragrance in our products because harvesting the raw ingredients needed to create the fragrance would be unsustainable and can exploit communities and the environment.

We deliver Maison Blanche Candles Australia wide.

Maison Blanche signature candle range include 4 sizes across all our our unique fragrances. Each candle sees pure soy wax infused with expertly blended fragrance oils and carefully poured into a thick white glass vessel with cotton wicks to deliver alluring home fragrance.

Each candle is meticulously handmade in Sydney, Australia with natural ingredients. Our candles are finished with a sleek black wooden lid and packaged in either a beautifully designed luxury box or signature Maison Blanche cotton bag.


Maison Blanche candles Australia

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