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Salon vs Supermarket

Why are salon products different to supermarket products? Why is there such a price difference? These are some of the commonly asked questions we are asked in the salon. At the moment during this time we are unable to access the fabulous treatments offered at the salon so your skincare is very important. Did you know that your home care regime has a big impact on your skin?

Cosmedix home care

Consider paracetamol which is always readily available to us. It provides temporary relief but not necessarily long term benefits. An antibiotic on the other hand is prescribed only by a doctor & will deliver more precise results, getting to the root of the problem. Skincare is quite similar. Beauty therapists are educated & trained so we are able to recognise the different skin types & conditions. We are also trained in cosmetic chemistry & understand the effects of different ingredients on the skin.
Supermarket or readily available skincare only allows for general care. There are no lasting, long term effects because of the low percentage in active ingredients. Unfortunately they also contain other chemicals which you’re not told about. These include parabens, PEGs & sulfates which which will ultimately lead to further skin conditions.
Your salon skincare has higher concentrations of active ingredients & will deliver more corrective & superior results that are going to have more longevity. This is the reason they are only available from a professional clinic because they are pharmaceutically formulated. After a thorough skin consultation & diagnosis you will be prescribed the best solution for your skin & this will ensure you get optimal results without any possible reactions/irritations. It is a personal experience that you will want to invest in. Don’t forget you only get one skin & it is never to late to begin!
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