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Spray Tan Newcastle

We use award winning Techno Tan, wash and wear in 2 hours, choose from 4 shades, the most natural colour tan lasting 7-10 days; and Three Warriors, a natural and organic Australian owned and made tanning solution.

Spray Tanning

15min $38

Spray Tan (double coat)


Spray Tan + Body Exfoliation

50min $100

Indulge In The Best Spray Tan In Newcastle

For a great spray tan in Newcastle look no further than Indulgences Beauty Salon Newcastle. Spray tanning is one of our fortes! Have our therapists apply an even veil of high quality, nourishing tan solution all over or partial areas of your body for a UV free, sun kissed glow.

Spray tanning is a safe alternative to harsh UV exposure that can lead to skin cancer, premature ageing and pigmentation. There are colour solutions to suit all skin types for your optimal outcome. Whether it be for holidays, special occasions or just for a ‘pick me up’, spray tanning is great for anytime of the year. From light golden brown to a Mediterranean tan in as little as 2 hours. Hydrating ingredients include, vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Kakadu plum for that extra illumination. 

Spray tanning is a comfortable treatment and only requires 15 minutes in salon. Be sure to wear something loose fitting to avoid removal of product and make sure your body is free from chemicals, deodorants and moisturisers as this can effect the attachment of the solution. Exfoliation prior to application is important for a nice, even colour and moisturising post treatment is beneficial for the longevity and even wear of your tan.

To enhance your spray tan moisturise your body daily and avoid use of harsh soaps as these can dry your skin and lead to patchiness. The active ingredient in the solution is designed to attach itself to the outer layers of your skin and continue to develop even once the solution is rinsed. Therefore, it is essential that all you do is rinse (after designated time) until the water runs clear and pat dry. Apply moisturizer and be on with your day. Your tan can last anywhere from 7 to 10 days and reapplied as required. Look good and feel good all year round!

Those who like to tan in the most luxurious way, and without the damage of the sun. Spray Tanning is the newest trend for maintaining a natural, non-orange, glowing tan. It is a great alternative to sun exposure, tanning beds, and even self tanning lotions that you can buy in stores. When using self-applied tanning lotions, it can be frustrating because they are hard to apply and often do not provide the most desirable results.

The advanced technology currently used in Sunless Tanning Solutions is designed to ensure a natural, bronze tan in just 60 seconds. An Indulgences beauty Team Member can help you select the proper level of tanning solution to best match your skin tone. By achieving a tan that will only go as dark as your skin would naturally tan from the sun, spray tans are self-adjusting, working with your natural skin tone.

Whether you are going away and want to tan before your vacation or special event, or you just love the sun, we offer many tanning packages that will suit your different tanning needs.

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