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What is it:

This amazing little device has so many great benefits for the skin. It is so easy to implement even into the most basic of skin regimens. How does the O Sonic Cleansing Brush work you ask? It is a combination of sonic pulses and silicone fiber touch points that together work to deeply clean and support healthy skin function and age management.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should be using one:

1. Gently Exfoliating:

The action of the sonic pulses and fibre touch points together with your favourite cleanser work to help gently lift any build up of dead skin cells on the surface layer. This reveals a healthy smooth skin ready to absorb the following products you apply for maximum effect.

2. Stimulates Blood Circulation:

The tiny pulses help awaken the skin by stimulating the circulation of blood in the skins layers. When the blood is stimulated more oxygen is produced in the blood and this feeds the skin cells. The skin results in a healthy glow and radiance.

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3. De-congests Pores:

No one loves clogged pores! This Cleansing Brush will aid in keeping your pores clear and free from debris and dirt. It helps unclog pores by up to 99.5% and removes make up residue by 98.5%. Banish breakouts by introducing the Sonic Cleansing Brush into your daily routine. All it takes is 2minutes per day.

How to use:

Perform your first cleanse as you normally would and then use the O Sonic Cleansing Brush during your second cleanse in the evening. Apply your cleanser as normal and then use the Sonic Cleansing Brush to massage all over the face for a full 2 mins. The brush as multiple speeds and is suitable for even the most sensitive skins. It is not to be used with and cleansers containing acids or granulated scrubs as this will damage the silicone touch points. Rinse or remove your cleanser with your favourite skin shammy to finish and enjoy the results this clever little device brings to your skin!

Watch below Michelle’s Demo video on just how simple it is to use!

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