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Why would I have red skin?

Redness in the skin can be caused by several different factors. This could be incorrect product use causing what is called an impaired barrier. It could be genetic or caused by environmental factors such as climate and extremes of hot and cold.

Redness can also be caused by factors such as stress and diet.  It is important when treating redness in the skin you seek professional advice to try and un pack the cause or reason for the redness in the first place and then move forward trying to correct or repair the skin.

What can be done to help my red skin?

It is important not to over clean or exfoliate a red skin as this is may be contributing to the striping of the skins naturally occurring acid mantle or protective barrier.

The first step is to help this protective barrier or acid mantle with hydrating serums such as Surge by Cosmedix or Rehydrating Serum by Dermaquest. Using an oil cleanser such as Purity Solution or Smudge Budge can also be of benefit as an oil cleanser will have the action of feeding goodness into the skin with the stripping occurring.

After the acid mantle is being catered to you can then introduce ‘redness’ specific products, these work to target the capillaries in the skin by providing them with strength in the vessel wall so they look less red and visible on the skins surface. So a product such as Reduce by Cosmedix Elite, or Rescue are great options. Dermaquest also has a Delicate Soothing Serum which has calming properties that works to reduce the appearance of redness and calm irritation.

Check out these Specific skin loving ingredients for Red Skin!

There are special cells found within the skins structure that are responsible for the skin immune response. If these cells are triggered it is important to feed them ingredients such as Niacinamide ( Vitamin B3) and Vitamin A, these active ingredients work to provide strength and support to the cells. Some great product choices here are Dermaquest Niacinamide, Cosmedix Surge and Comedix Serum 16 along with Dermaquest Retinaldehyde Cream.

The final topical product for sensitive skin is Vitamin C, Vitamin C can assist in building strong and healthy capillary networks. It works by improving the strength of the capillary walls – allowing them to constrict as normal. You can try products such as Cosmedix Pure C, Skin Juice Juice C and Dermaquest C3 Serum.

It helps to treat internally too.

When thinking about the the skin from an internal perspective. You can assist in the strengthening and repair of the skins acid mantle by taking an oral supplement of Omega. Omegas are jam packed with Essential fatty Acids. You are specifically looking for EPA and DHA, these can be found in our Nordic Naturals Omega Complex Supplement. Depending on the severity of the skins redness, the dose will vary and it is suggested to get professional advice on the quality and quantity of the Omega you start taking. Not all quality is the same, this is a very important point to take note of. Our Omega complex is of the highest potency and gold standard. Allow around 1 month before you start to see results.

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