Introducing Our Team: A Collective of Beauty Experts

At Indulgences, we believe that behind every beautiful transformation is a team of passionate and highly skilled professionals. Our team is the heartbeat of our salon, and we take immense pride in introducing you to the talented individuals who make every visit to our clinic an unforgettable experience.

With diverse backgrounds, years of experience, and a shared commitment to excellence, our team is dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. Get to know our beauty experts as you explore their profiles, each accompanied by a personal touch that reflects the warmth and dedication they bring to every appointment. When you choose Indulgences, you're choosing a team of professionals who not only understand the latest in beauty and wellness but also care deeply about your unique needs. Meet the faces behind the expertise, and discover the difference that makes us more than just a beauty salon – we're a family of beauty enthusiasts on a mission to redefine your beauty journey.

Meet Michelle,

With 25 years of dedicated experience in the beauty industry, Michelle has not only mastered the art of beauty therapy but has also built a thriving business that's deeply rooted in community loyalty and the expertise of her remarkable team. For the past 19 years, she's been the proud owner of "Indulgences," a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation for her clients.

Michelle's heart lies in being self-employed. She finds immense joy and fulfillment in steering her own ship, and this passion reflects in the growth and success of Indulgences. Her journey as a beauty therapist has been a delightful blend of science and art, where she continually delves into the latest advances in skincare and eagerly incorporates them into the array of services offered at her establishment.

Niacinamide, in Michelle's words, is her holy grail. She is addicted to exploring ingredients and skincare, always on the lookout for the perfect formula to enhance her clients' well-being and confidence. This passion for skincare is not just a profession but an integral part of her life.

One of the unique aspects of Michelle's approach is her unwavering commitment to building strong relationships with her clients. She believes in staying hands-on with treatments, a practice that some business owners tend to avoid. Michelle, on the other hand, cherishes the direct connection she maintains with her clients and the personal touch she brings to her services.

Beyond her thriving business, Michelle has a beautiful family, including her loving husband and three children. In her precious moments of "free time," which she humorously refers to as such, she proudly wears the badge of a devoted ballet mom. She also enjoys quality time with her close-knit group of girlfriends and finds solace in beach walks and yoga, a practice she admits she could make more time for.

Michelle is not just a beauty therapist; she's a community builder, a skincare enthusiast, a family woman, and a devoted friend. Her journey in the world of beauty therapy is a testament to her unwavering dedication and her love for all things beautiful, inside and out.

Meet Alyssa,

Your beauty devotee and resident skincare lover here at indulgences. With her recent diploma completion in 2022, Alyssa is eager to bring fresh and innovative ideas to enhance your beauty journey.

Although my passion for beauty began not too long ago, I have a soft spot for creating stunning brows that highlight your natural beauty and thoroughly love to provide my clients with a beautiful pamper.

My go-to fave product in salon is the Aspect SPF range for its incredible protection and nourishment. It's all about that radiant, confident glow, and I'm here to help you achieve it.

When I'm not indulging in all things beauty, you can find me at the gym, where I stay motivated and energized to bring my best to the salon every day.

My beauty mantra is simple: "Always learning, always growing." I believe that continuous learning and improvement are the keys to providing the best beauty experience.

When you book a session with me, expect a warm, personalized experience where your beauty goals are my top priority. I'm all about attention to detail and ensuring you leave our salon feeling on top of the world.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what one of our lovely clients had to say about their experience with ALyssa: “I had Alyssa do my facial, she was excellent making sure I was comfortable and explaining the treatments as she went. Fabulous head massage, my whole treatment was so relaxing and great value. Would not hesitate to recommend Alyssa.

Book your next appointment with Alyssa to experience her expertise.

Meet Jayley,

Your beauty enthusiast and relaxation beauty therapist here at Indulgences. With a deep passion for all things beauty, Jayley’s dedication to her craft is a truly memorable experience for every client.

Jayley’s journey in the beauty industry began when she completed her diploma in December 2021. With nearly two years of experience, Jayley has honed her skills, specializing in various rejuvenating treatments that include massage, facials, and more. She finds joy in helping clients unwind and gain confidence in their skin through effective beauty regimes.

If Jayley was to suggest one ‘take home’ product it would certainly be "Define" by Cosmedix—a mild exfoliating cream enriched with Vitamin A for smoother, softer-looking skin. It's the perfect addition to elevate your skincare routine.

During my days off, you'll find me catching up with friends, strolling with my adorable puppy George, and indulging in a bit of pampering. I've recently discovered a passion for baking—muffins, bagels, and brownies are my sweet indulgence! I also enjoy reading, spending time at the beach, and embracing the calming ocean waves.

As a devoted perfectionist with an eye for detail, I meticulously approach every aspect of my role as a beauty therapist. Each treatment is a canvas for me to carefully craft a flawless experience, ensuring that every client receives the upmost care and attention, down to the smallest details. I am always eagerly absorbing knowledge from my experienced colleagues, understanding that continuous growth and refinement are vital in delivering the highest quality of service.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what one of our lovely clients had to say about their experience with me: "I got what I was looking for, a great massage to relax my body and mind; as always, the atmosphere is perfect, and the girls were very attentive. Jayley was fantastic. Thank you!" 

Join Jayley at Indulgences, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to embark on your beauty, relaxation, and transformation journey with you!

Meet Ashley, 

Our professional passionate beauty therapist.  She has been a beauty therapist at Indulgences for almost 6 years and in the beauty industry for just over 15 years

Ashley provides top-notch beauty treatments with her magic hands to allow clients to walk out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  

Her passion is all about the skin!  She loves the science behind all skincare, skin health and advanced skin treatments to achieve the best results you are needing. You will most likely find her adding her favourite machine (Led light therapy) onto most of the skin treatments she is providing.  

Beyond the world of beauty, Ashley is a lover of outdoor activities Sunshine (wearing SPF of course) pilates and spending time with her beautiful growing family.  

With Ashley's expertise and commitment to providing exceptional service, you can trust that you're in great hands. 

Booking a treatment with Ashley is a must!

Meet Kirilley,

An invaluable asset to Indulgences bringing a wealth of experience with 17 years and expertise to her role with a dedication to excellence and a passion for Beauty.

Kirilley consistently demonstrates her commitment to achieving outstanding results beyond her impressive professional accomplishments.

Kirilley is a devoted wife and mother of two boys, balancing the demands of her career with a deep commitment to her family, her ability to seamlessly integrate these roles is a testament to her exceptional organisation skills and unwavering work ethic.

In her free time Kirilley likes to stay fit and healthy with regular working out, enjoying walks with her boys and dog and spending quality time with the family on beautiful beach days. These pursuits not only reflect her diverse interest but also contribute to her well rounded approach to life and work.

With a keen eye for detail, a natural ability to want to help clients relax and help them with all their beauty concerns. Kirilley consistently delivers results that exceed expectations, her dedication to continuous improvement and willingness to go above and beyond to make her a standout beauty therapist and lover of her craft.

It is a privilege to have Kirilley as a colleague and a source of inspiration in the workplace. Her contributions significantly enhance the overall success of our team, and we are fortunate to have her as part of her indulgence family.

Kirilley is looking forward to meeting any future new clients and promises to continue to nurture the relationships she has with all her loyal regulars.

Meet Chantel,

Your beauty fanatic here at Indulgences. With a passion for all things beauty, Chantel is dedicated to making every client's visit a memorable and transformative experience.

Chantel’s journey in the beauty industry spans a remarkable 15 years, where she has honed her skills to perfection. From her early days as an eager newbie to becoming a seasoned beauty therapist, Chantel has cultivated the art of pampering and rejuvenation.

Chantel has a soft spot for brow waxing, facials, and pedicures that leave you feeling pampered from head to toe. As for products, I am literally a skin care addict myself so choosing just one or two is tricky! BUT I can't get enough of the magic in Tinted Sun Juice and any Retinol product – they work wonders for your skin.

What inspires me daily is witnessing the incredible transformation that takes place when a client leaves our salon with newfound confidence. Knowing that I've played a part in making someone feel truly beautiful is my biggest motivator.

When I'm not indulging in all things beauty, you can find me hanging out with family and friends, enjoying the magic of live music. It's the perfect way to unwind and stay inspired.

If you’ve not yet met Chantel, she is waiting to meet you, and trust us when we tell you she loves a good ol’ chat.

Meet Malaika,

Another of our fabulous devoted beauty and skincare specialists here at Indulgences. With a passion for the world of beauty, her commitment is to ensure that each client’s visit is an unforgettable journey.

From my beginnings as an eager apprentice to my current role as an accomplished beauty therapist, I’ve spent over four years refining my skills, mastering the art of pampering and perfecting the craft of rejuvenation.

Malaika has a special fondness for facials that leave your complexion radiant, and I hold a deep admiration for the magic of the brand Cosmedix on the skin. Achieving that self-assured, radiant glow is my ultimate goal, and I’m here to help you in attaining it.

What drives me daily is witnessing the transformation that occurs when a client departs our salon brimming with newfound self-assurance. Knowing that I’ve contributed to someone feeling genuinely beautiful is my primary motivation.

When you schedule a session with me, you can anticipate a personalised, warm encounter where your beauty aspirations take center stage. My focus lies in meticulous attention to detail and ensuring you leave our salon on cloud nine.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a testimonial from one of our cherished clients: “Not only was my therapist a lovely person, but her treatment work was amazing.”

Malaika has such a warm friendly face and welcomes every client with genuine happiness. She looks forward to welcoming you soon.

Meet Carly,

A seasoned beauty therapist with an impressive 22 years of experience.

Her passion for skincare, makeup, and the perfect spray tan shines through in her work.

Beyond the beauty realm, Carly is a devoted mother to three wonderful children. In her free time, you'll find her immersed in a good book, going for a run, or sharing laughter with her cherished girlfriends.

Carly embodies the perfect blend of professional expertise and a vibrant personal life.

Carly is a kind and caring therapist with hands that will transport you into a state of deep relaxation in minutes. She loves when her clients truly let go and allow the treatment experience be one where you can switch off from the outside world.

Come and experience exactly what we are talking about, book your appointment to see Carly ASAP.

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