At Indulgences Newcastle we are highly trained beauty therapists – Specialising in Waxing. We are renowned for the speed and quality of our ladies Brazilian waxing. Using only the highest grade hair removal wax for those with sensitive skins, plus we only use disposable hygienic equipment. Indulgences offer a range of waxing procedures from our Beauty salon in Newcastle. Whether you’re looking for an upper lip wax, a leg wax or a full Brazilian wax, our experienced beauty therapists will ensure your appointment gives you the look you want. Brilliance Strip and Hot Wax are used to help make your waxing experience more comfortable. Completed with a soothing oil, warm towel and antiseptic lotion.


Full Leg
Full Leg and Bikini
Full Leg and G-String
Full Leg and Brazilian
Half Leg
Half Leg and Bikini
Half Leg and G-String
Half Leg and Brazilian
Bikini (Standard)
Bikini (G-String)
Full Arm Wax
Half Arm Wax
Back or Chest


Brow Shaping
Top Lip
Brow,Lip and Chin
Lip and Chin


Specialists In Waxing Treatments Newcastle

Erring on the side of necessity rather than enjoyment, waxing needs to be both effective and comfortable. A few fun facts about a waxing treatment is your experience should be a synergy of pre-treatment, products, therapist and post-treatment. Our therapists are highly trained in whatever waxing treatments you require making you comfortable from the initial welcome. From top to toe, there are waxing solutions for you. The high grade wax we use is in two forms, hot wax (self setting for removal) and strip wax (use of fabric for removal). Hot wax is generally used for sensitive areas such as face or genital areas whilst strip wax is for larger, more robust areas such as legs. Both styles are made from synthetic ingredients allowing the manufacturer greater control over the additives such as titanium dioxide to prevent discomfort and reactiveness thus making it hypoallergenic. Also having a low, functional melt point reduces the chances of burning yet effective enough to encapsulate the hair for effective removal. Not only is waxing a great hair remover but it is also a great exfoliator and circulatory stimulator. It is beneficial to exfoliate every other day and moisturise daily to help with skin cellular turnover for prevention of folliculitis and ingrown hairs. Our therapists perform waxing treatments in a hygienic and dignified manner and for optimal results, the hair to be removed should be at least 3mm.


Exceptional Service Guaranteed

Take time out for yourself at Indulgences. Our highly skilled therapists strive to give you that memorable service that you deserve. Relax and unwind in comfort and privacy whilst we commit to your well-being and satisfaction. Indulgences was established in 2004. Our beauty salon is located in the heart of The Junction, Newcastle.