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Three Suns Revitalise The Soul Bath Salts


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Three Suns Revitalise The Soul Bath Salts

We have all felt at times, with the chaos surrounding us, that our soul could do with a boost of Vitamin C!! The exhaustion is real… and we hear you….that is why we have created our super nourishing Citrine crystal infused revitalising blend, to fix just this…


Rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, B1 and E + Omega-6, Omega-9, our in-house nourishing vegan friendly blend, will aim to bring boost your energy levels plus bring positive energy in all aspects of your life all whilst leaving your skin feeling soft and deeply hydrated. Your skin will never feel better !

Directions: Turn the lights low, light your favorite Three Suns candle or try laying your Three Suns tea lights around the bathtub, play some soft tunes and simply spend 15 minutes slowing down your overactive mind. Sprinkle our salts into a warm running bath along with your crystal and take some much-deserved YOU time.

Fragrance – Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

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