Mii Pure Wonder Brightener

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Colour: Revive 01

Revive 01
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Mii Pure Wonder Brightener

Give your complexion a wonderful awakening

Instantly awaken your complexion with our brightening, hydrating, colour correcting concealer. A quick-fix for the under eye area, watch dark circles disappear without heavy coverage and bring your natural beauty into the light.
  • Colour correcting pigments help to correct dark circles.
  • Light diffusing particles add radiance and create a blurring effect.
  • Lightweight squalene offers effective hydration.
  • Radiance helps to reduce shadow and brighten the whole complexion
  • Two shades, Revive 01 for fair complexions, Refresh 02 for medium to deep complexions.
  • Brush tip that easily applies to skin.
  • For best results, gently pat and press into place using your ring finger.
Made in Italy. How does colour correcting work? Think back to art class at school - remember complementary colours? They're the ones opposite each other on the colour wheel. When placed next to each other, they enhance one another. But when layered, they cancel each other out. Here, we have a yellow base in Revive, which cancels out blue, and a peach tone in Refresh, which cancels out purple. Colour correcting shades are a very effective way to neutralise discolouration without having to apply heavy layers of pigment.
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Revive 01, Refresh 02