Vida Glow Hairology Capsules

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Lengthen. Strengthen. Repair. As part of your daily routine, Hairology delivers longer, thicker hair by reducing hair thinning and supporting hair growth. Hairology is a once-daily ingestible capsule from Vida Glow’s Advanced Repair range. Hair sheds every day as part of its natural renewal cycle. Yet factors affecting hair growth cycles, such as age, stress, hormones and vitamin deficiencies can prompt weakness, damage and excessive shedding. Targeting the cause of thinning lacklustre hair, Hairology optimises the environment necessary for hair to grow and thrive.
- Key active AnaGain™ reduces hair loss by 34% after 28 days(1). - Key active AnaGain™ reduces hair thinning(1). - Supports healthy hair follicles. - Supports hair growth. - Supports hair strength. - Maintains hair thickness. Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Read the warnings below before purchase.